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All our products are made 100% in Austria - feel the famous quality! We at FAMOUS TEX love beautiful fabrics and high quality embroideries. And that is something you can feel and see with all our products. We only use fabric with the highest quality with african patterns that stick out with delicate designs consisting of lace and embroidery. We have our own in-store-designer at FAMOUS TEX and can present a big selection of fabrics in various materials to you so you can design your own, unique item of clothing. Trust us - we can make your fashion dream come true! But if you feel more like browsing than like creating, you are very welcome to have a look at our own wonderful collection full of elaborately designed pieces. At FAMOUS TEX you'll find something beautiful for every occation and every taste - guaranteed!

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100% made in Austria - feel the quality

Be it for a wedding, a birthday bash or simply for a fancy night out - we at FAMOUS TEX love to dress our clients in the most beautiful and elaborate dresses for their special occation. We strongly believe that fashion is an expression of your own personality - and therefore it needs to be selected carefully and without rush, to perfectly compliment your features. Our beautiful designs, our elaborate fabrics with african embroidery and our unique clothing lines will dress you to your very best! 

And the best part: every item is made in Austria - to the very last needle stitch. We decided to base our production in the heart of Europe, where the business of tailoring was born a long time ago. Because not only beautiful designs make a dress, it is also the way it is made that seperates a high quality item from low-end products. We at FAMOUS TEX only use the best fabrics, the finest materials and the most skilled tailors for our products - and that is what you will feel when you finally try on this new dress or that new blouse. Our fashion is durable, vertasile and downright stunning - just like you are!

Let us dress you up!

You have a special wish or didn't quite find something you love in our collection? Give us a call and we will help you out. We can offer a big selection of fabrics, emrbroidery, lace and the likes that we will put together for you in an exclusive and high-quality way! Our in-house-designer is happy to talk you through what we offer - to make your fashion dream come true. No idea is too complicated or too big for us! Convince yourself in our boutique store in Lustenau  and talk to our friendly stuff - we are looking forward to see you!