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Here you find our high quality fabrics and elaborate designs for every occasion!

Fabrics, lace and embroidery as far as you can see

We at FAMOUS TEX pay highest attention to an excellent production process and only use high quality fabrics for our fashion. To ensure that we can maintain our high quality standards, we produce 100% of our items in Austria! And this is something you can feel when you wear our elegant fashion. We are happy to show you around our store, but equally thrilled if you are craving something more original and would like to design you own fashion. Our in-house-designer in Lustenau can assist you with all your wishes. You have full freedom to choose between various fabrics in beautiful colors with african designs and lace and embroidery. 

FAMOUS TEX - for fashion that is 100% "Made in Austria" in designs that are as beautiful as you are! Treat yourself to something special and visit FAMOUS TEX in our store in Lustenau!